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Chem. Eng. News 2018, Jun. 3:
Today within the "Celebrating eccentric chemistry graduation traditions" news item, the UdG traditions for PhD defenses are discussed, including my new tradition of awarding a PhD thesis with the best book in the world.


Hpc Europa3 2018, Apr. 4:
Total success in applications for HPC Europa3 Pan-European Research Infrastructure on High Performance Computing: we will have three visitors coming to Girona in the coming months (Jesus Acapulco, 7 weeks; Olga Stasyuk, 3 months; Matteo Bruschi, 1 month). Welcome!


Abril Defense PhD 2017, Nov. 17:
Today Abril defended her thesis "Computational Study of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Chemical Shielding Constants" successfully! Congratulations!!!


Award Serbian Chemical Society 2017, Sep. 29:
Today I was given a special award by the Serbian Chemical Society for my continuous support for advancing chemical sciences in Serbia. Very very honored!


FEBS 2017, Aug. 21:
Olga Stasyuk is awarded a FEBS Fellowship to visit Swart Lab in Girona


Award Best Paper 2016 2017, Jul. 12:
Award for Best Paper in 2016 at the University of Belgrade (Serbia) with Maja Gruden


CastleConference 2017, Jun. 18:
Went to a conference in a castle early June, here is the group photo


CoVFeFe 2017, Jun. 9:
S12g/TZ2P study on President Trump's CoVFeFe cluster, blog entry hugely popular
High resolution image for shirt-printing available here (transparent background so you can choose your own color t-shirt), or you can order it from TShirtStudio


Erasmian European Youth Parlament 2017, Feb. 25:
Erasmian European Youth Parlament 2017, Girona (Inst. Santiago Sobrequés), External expert ("Meet the boss") on "External economic affairs: Europe and the outer world"


Feringa 2016, Dec. 10:
First Plenary Speakers of Girona Seminar 2018 known:
Larry Que, Ben Feringa and Shunichi Fukuzumi


AccChemRes 2016, Nov. 14:
Accounts of Chemical Research paper published (OpenAccess)


2016, Oct. 31:
Resigned as Associate Editor RSC Advances due to incompatibility with GoldOpenAccess model and work load


DFTPoll16 2016, Oct. 20:
DFT-Poll 2016 results have been published


YAE 2016, Sep. 20:
Elected as member of the Baord of Young Academy of Europe


2016, Jul. 27:
PhD position (FIUdG) for Lorenzo D"Amore


FPdGi-award Osuna 2016, Jul. 01:
Former PhD-student Sílvia Osuna receives FPdGi Scientific Research Award, handed out by Spanish King Felipe


2016, Jun. 01:
DFT-Poll 2016 opens!!


2016, May 01:
PhD position (FPI) for Miguel Àngel María Solano


GirSem16 2016, Apr. 17:
Girona Seminar on Predictive Catalysis started (main organizer)


2016, Apr. 08:
Assigned as Organizer for symposium on Progress in Theoretical Chemistry at XXXVI Reunión Bienal RSEQ (25-29/6, 2017)


FRSC 2016, Mar. 31:
Interview by Diari de Girona [pdf]


DFTPoll15 2016, Jan. 06:
DFT-Poll 2015 results have been published (incl. third question with 11 properties)


2015, Dec. 18:
Millora de productivitat project from Univ. Girona for IQCC (345.000 €)


SpinStatesBook 2015, Dec. 01:
Wiley book on "Spin states" published (Editors: MS, M. Costas)


FRSC 2015, Nov. 23:
Elected as Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry


2015, Oct. 28:
Associate Editor of RSC Advances


2015, Sep. 21:
Europa Excelencia project from MINECO (60.000 €)


IQCC 2015, Jul. 13:
Elected as Director of Institut de Química Computacional i Catàlisi


2015, Jun. 25:
XXXI Reunío XRQTC in Girona (Co-Organizer)


2015, Apr. 15:
Funding from MINECO (116.160 € + PhD)


Scopus 2015, Mar. 31:
>3000 citations in Scopus and Web of Science


2015, Feb. 04:
Marie Curie fellowship for Ferran Feixas


2015, Jan. 12:
PhD fellowship for Adrià Romero


YAE 2014, Oct. 26:
Elected as Member of Young Academy of Europe


ECOSTBio 2014, Apr. 28:
COST Action CM1305 (ECOSTBio) started (Chair)


MGMS Silver Jubilee Prize 2012 2017, Jun. 29:
Silver Jubilee Prize 2012 of the Molecular Graphics and Modelling Society