Memberships academies and scientific societies

2018-now Founding Member and Vice-President Quantum-BioInorganic Chemistry (QBIC) Society
2018-now Founding Member and Vice-President Grupo Especializado Química y Computación (GEQC) of Spanish Chemical Society (RSEQ)
2015-now Fellow of Royal Society of Chemistry
2014-2019 Fellow of Young Academy of Europe
2017-now Member EuroScience
2015-now Member American Chemical Society
2011-now Member Society of Bioinorganic Chemistry
2009-now Member Spanish Chemical Society (RSEQ)
2008-now Member Catalan Chemical Society (SCQ)
2006-now Member Research Network XRQTC

Present and recent functions

2018-now External Scientific Advisory Board, Foster Plus,
2017-now Member Higher Education, Research and Culture in European Societies (HERCulES) Group
2017-2018 Chair of Young Academy of Europe (YAE)
2016-now Management Board, Catalonian Research Network XRQTC
2016-2019 Board of Young Academy of Europe (YAE)
2015-2019 Director IQCC institute (Univ. Girona)
Member of: Univ. Council (2015-2017), Univ. Committee for "Research and Doctorate Studies" (2015-2017); Univ. Committee for "Personnel" (2015-2017); Univ. Committee for "Quality Control" (2018-now); Univ. Claustre (2012-now)
2014 - now Member of Comité de Usuarios de la Red Española de Supercomputación (CURES)
2014-2018 Action Chair for COST Action CM1305 (ECOSTBio),

Editorships and editorial boards

2016-now Editorial Board Inorganica Chimica Acta
2015-now Editorial Board Journal of Molecular Graphics and Modelling
2014-now Editorial Board Journal of Serbian Chemical Society
2013-2016 Editor (with Miquel Costas) for textbook on "Spin states in Biochemistry and inorganic chemistry: Influence on Structure and Reactivity"
2013 Guest Editor special issue Curr. Org. Chem.
2012-now Editorial Board Computational Chemistry Highlights
2012 Guest Editor special issue Curr. Inorg. Chem.
2006-now Editorial Board Journal of Computational Methods in Science and Engineering