The Swart Lab collaborates with different research groups from all over the world, both theoretically oriented and experimentally oriented.
Listed here are the papers resulting from these in the past five years

Transition-metal chemistry


  • Nicole Grobert (Oxford, UK), papers: in preparation/submitted

Organic chemistry

  • Matthias Bickelhaupt (Amsterdam, NL), papers: 2020.10  2018.05 
  • Sílvia Osuna (Girona, ES), papers: 2020.02 
  • Ken Houk (UCLA, USA), papers: 2020.02 


  • Célia Fonseca Guerra (Leiden, NL), papers: 2020.07  2017.02 
  • Alexandra Carvalho (Coimbra, PT), papers: 2018.04 
  • Adoración Quiroga (UA Madrid, ES), papers: 2019.03